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Reconfigure Reporting Services for failover

Just a thought…

Have a Reporting Server setup, 2008R2, and the databases are in an SQL Server 2008R2 instance that is mirrored to an other instance, normal nofrills mirroring.

What I want to get working is to get the Reporting Services instance to automatically reconfigure itself to use the mirrored instance after a failover.

Read about the rsconfig utility, tried to understand how it works:

Wrote down an example

rsconfig -c -s192.168.0.20 -dreportserver -aWindows -uMILANO\administrator -psecretpassword

rsconfig {-?}
{–c connection}        scripted change with parameters, omitted if using -e
{–e unattendedaccount}    manual change with parameters given in console, omitted if using -c
{–m computername}       Required if you are configuring a remote report server instance.
{–i instancename}    SQL Server instance
{–s servername}        Specifies the SQL Server instance that hosts the report server database.
{–d databasename}    Specifies the name of the report server database.
{–a authmethod}        Windows or SQL authentication to database server
{-u username}        [domain\]username om Windows
{-p password}        Username’s password
{-t trace}        Outputs error messages to the trace log


My thought was to use the WMI alert that is being triggered on the instance to check if a database is going from principal to mirror, ( see for example http://technet.microsoft.com/sv-se/library/cc966392%28en-us%29.aspx ),   then firstly failover all databases with a script. Then on the instance where the databases are going online, to principal, let the alert trigger a script that runs the rsconfig utility with the parameters set to reconfigure it to use the databases on the mirror.

And vice versa of course if we’re failing back. Or just have

Should work right?


Have to try this out, I’ll write some more when I’ve had time to test  :-)