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I moved everything about META for SQL Server to it’s own site www.sqldbasoftware.com

You can download META from there, you’ll also find installation documents, upgrade info, coming attractions and so on.



META running as a service

Just got my service working, and able to install it with a normal .msi installer. Oh happy days :-)

During installation of the service you will get a question which user you want to run it as, choose the same user as you used when running the GUI.

Why? Well because when configuring the repository database connection in the GUI, that information is saved in the users register, and as long as you’re on the same computer the service will automatically pick it up and connect.

From the GUI you can change if you want to use the GUI or the service to collect meta information, just start the GUI and go to Settings, Collection and check or uncheck the box at “Use Windows service?” See picture below.




META for SQL Server

Moved all info to www.sqldbasoftware.com  download, read and ask questions from there.

I’m writing a tool for us SQL Server DBA’s, it will be an application that keeps track of servers and instances, their databases and corresponding logins, database files, jobs and stuff.

Can do simple capacity management based on database growth, relative cpu usage and i/o, you can save passwords (encrypted), shows login creation statements, jobs and their create statements, also does some basic sanity checks such as file placements, logins with sysadmin role, slow i/o, missing backups and some other stuff.

Quite simple to use, you setup a database called the repository database, that’s where everything is stored, create connections to other instances you want to monitor and setup how often you want to get new information, how long you want to keep old info and then just let it run.

UPDATE: I have created a Windows service, in the GUI you can set if the GUI should collect information of if the service should. The GUI and the service both check the repository with regular intervals to see if you have changed any settings so no need to restart any of them after a configuration change.

The tool will be free to test for unlimited time, but upgrading to a new major version will require a license, all minor upgrades are free.

If you’re part of a commercial organization, I’d sure appreciate you buying a license. I’ll get back with more information soon how to download and use it. Working on an FAQ page also.

UPDATE:  Added a lof of icons, tooltips and other stuff, also created 2 simple installers, one for the GUI and one for the service, doing a lot of testing now.

Just some simple, though a bit old, screenshots:

Overall statistics page

Database page, here you can add a description of each database and connect a database to an application

Database files, shows number of reads, writes, growth settings and so on

Logins, shows login creation script and allows you to store the password if someone forgets it, the password is automatically stored encrypted in the repository database

Jobs, when they were run, successfull or failed and, if possible, with the job creation script

Checks, shows eg. databases with no recent backup, logins with sysadmin rights, slow i/o, databases on C:, databases in full mode with no log backup and some other basic good to know stuff

Reports page shows you database size over time, also read and write i/o times and also CPU% relative to the other databases in the instance, to find out which databases are using the most resources


It is already quite a useful tool and I have a ton of added functionality waiting to be implemented!