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Needed to copy all contents from one disk to another, with all permissions and everything, including subcatalogs whether empty or not.

This seems to work, I am copying from W: to U: with a verbose log on C:, You may want to omit the verbose part, the /V, as it generates a LOT of log.

robocopy W: U: /COPYALL /E /Z /V /LOG:C:\temp\Robocopy_log_W_to_U.txt /R:5 /W:5

It will retry 5 times if a file is locked and wait 5 seconds between each try, the defaults are ridiculously high so they need to be set lower.

Overwrite is set as default, but if the source and target have the same timestamp and size it will skip that file.

Be careful not to set /E and /S as /S will take precedent over /E so no empty catalogs will be copied. Weird…….

That’s all for me. See more at http://ss64.com/nt/robocopy.html


So, what do you think ?